PURGATORY is a kinky dark comedy inspired by real people and events. Taking place over four days, it follows the lives of several employees of Pierre's Custom Catering. The setting is New York City. The employees are white and black, Hispanic and Asian. Their search for love, success and happiness takes them down some twisted and surprising roads, culminating the night of the company party - an unforgettable night when their dirty little secrets get exposed and explored... 


There's a talented singer in a trap of her own making (the particulars of which she is not yet fully aware). A man approaching middle age, still playing the player. A yoga instructor whose teaching skills she later finds go well beyond yoga. The bitter Irish painter - this one enjoys wielding power. Two seemingly common men ruled by their uncommon desires. Actors, yes of course. And a young girl looking for love, when what she really needs is sanctuary.


Follow them on their sizzling story of self discovery.



How this book came to be written:

When Candy had to leave her music behind, she found herself adrift, not knowing how or what to do. Her focus, her life had always been about music. Still in shock over the accident that took her voice (leaving her with a condition called stylohyoid complex syndrome) but needing to put food on the table, she ended up in the world of cater waitering. After a while, her mental fog and depression lifted. She started to look at and take note of the people around her in this underbelly of the restaurant world. Fascinated by their lives and stories, all she could think was: "If this were is a book or movie - no one would believe it". The idea haunted her until she sat down and wrote PURGATORY.