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"50 SHADES OF CUTLERY (a punitive guide to table manners)" is a comedy/horror nine minute 40 second short based on the premise that a waitress's thoughts could become powerful enough to psychically punish ill mannered guests.

This, my first video project has won THE DIAMOND AWARD (first place) in the LOS ANGELES HORROR COMPETITION. It was presented at the BRIGHTSIDE FILM FESTIVAL and was SEMI-FINALIST with the INTERNATIONAL NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL. 

Please check out the gallery for photos of the shoot.

REPLAY is my second short. We are still in the planning stages and are hoping to begin shooting in November 2018. the short will be 18 to 20 minutes long and is about a quirky, shut in woman with OCD who tries online dating in her search for love and a lasting cure. This film could conceivably be considered a pilot for a comedy series about her and her fellow support group members. We will see - I have to get this shot first!

Oh yes, BTW I wrote and am acting in both projects.